About Divine Engineering

Building high quality conveyors for companies worldwide for more than 65 years.

A company founded on innovative ideas, Divine Engineering has been building high quality conveyors for companies worldwide for more than 65 years. Our two main conveyor lines are the DIVINALATOR® and the DIVINAFLOW®. The DIVINALATOR® offers a horizontal, incline, or vertical conveyor path. It is also available in a horizontal loop or vertical loop configuration for recycle applications. The DIVINAFLOW® offers horizontal or slight incline conveying. Both are designed to move large amounts of grain or other bulk materials. We also convert many non-DIVINE conveyors to our high quality components.

At Divine Engineering, you'll find a dedicated team that is committed to quality. From our heavy-duty construction to our quality assured dust-tight or liquid and vapor-tight construction, we make high quality chain conveyors that outlast the competition. That's a guarantee our clients expect.

We listen to your requirements, so we can provide the best conveyor to fit your custom needs. No plant is arranged the same way, so we don't build our equipment just one way. Each conveyor is built to fit your own unique specifications.

One Divine Vision.

Howard Divine founded Divine Engineering in 1952 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa after introducing the DIVINALATOR® in 1948. Divine grew his business by providing conveyors to grain processing and meat packing plants.

When Divine passed away in 1973, a longtime employee of the company, Jared Hills, assumed ownership. Through his leadership, Divine Engineering has grown to service the grain processing industry worldwide and is a three-generation, family-owned company. Divine's chain conveyor systems can be found in many industries including: grain processing, waste treatment, sugar, peanut, coffee, wood processing, meat packing, recycling, mining, and chemical.

Moving product across the globe.

Divine Engineering continues to grow and develop the best quality conveyors for our clients across the globe.