Chain and Flight Conveyors

chain and flight conveyor

At Divine Engineering, building long-lasting conveyors is what we do best. Abrasion resistant and stainless steel materials provide protection from the continuous movement of even the roughest materials. Heavier chains, larger shafts, thicker casings and dividers, and quality welds set our conveyors apart from the competition. And when it comes to reduced downtime, the DIVINALATOR® and DIVINAFLOW® are the dependable choice (just ask our customers).

Our two systems feature an enclosed horizontal and inclined conveyor path that can be customized to your plant specifications. No two plants are alike, so we won't hold you to standard designs. From size and incline to chain speed, you'll receive a customized solution built for your facility.

Our heavy-duty chain conveyors are available in a wide variety of materials that minimize product corrosion, abrasion, and downtime. With a Divine conveyor system, you'll spend more time moving product and less time maintaining your equipment.

Divine's conveyor systems are available in dust-tight or liquid and vapor-tight construction to transfer your products cleanly and safely.

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Learn more about our custom conveyors:


Divinaflow System

The DIVINAFLOW® is built for horizontal or slight incline applications.


Divinalator Systems

The DIVINALATOR® is built for horizontal, incline, or vertical applications. It also can be built in a horizontal or vertical loop configuration for recycle applications.