The DIVINAFLOW® is the economical solution to moving bulk products efficiently. It is built to be used for horizontal or slight incline applications.

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Dust-Tight or Vapor-Tight Construction

vapor-tight conveyor compartment

The DIVINAFLOW® is available in dust-tight or vapor-tight construction and comes pre-assembled and match-marked to ensure easy installation in the field.

Custom Sizes and Paths

Divinaflow customized sections

Every facility is different, so we provide customized solutions for your location. You don't have to fit within a specific standard, we'll build a system that fits your requirements.

Rugged Construction

heavy-duty stainless steel parts

Every conveyor we construct is built for longevity. Manufactured using heavier chains, rugged welded attachments and abrasion-resistant and stainless steel materials, the DIVINAFLOW® is built to last.

Minimal Downtime

Conveyor Replacement Parts

Reducing the downtime for our customers is a core value at Divine Engineering. We design and manufacture using the best processes and materials and in return our customers have significantly less downtime than other conveyor manufacturer's. Should you need a replacement part, we have the stock on hand and a team who can produce custom parts on a moment's notice.