The DIVINALATOR® chain and flight conveyor is a long-lasting solution for moving and elevating bulk materials through large plants and facilities. It can be used in horizontal, inclined, or vertical applications. This style conveyor is also offered in a horizontal loop or vertical loop configuration for recycle applications. The DIVINALATOR® is built to efficiently transport your material while maximizing uptime.

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Custom Paths

Divinalor custom parts

The DIVINALATOR® is custom built so it can easily be made to fit into your plant's available space. Since each location is different, we don't limit our customers to standard sizes or paths. We build each conveyor to fit your unique requirements.

Dust-Tight or Vapor-Tight Construction

Bolted dust-tight conveyor compartment

The DIVINALATOR® is available in dust-tight or vapor-tight construction and comes pre-assembled and match-marked to ensure easy installation in the field.

Rugged Construction

Heavy-duty conveyor chains

The DIVINALATOR® can be built from a variety of abrasion resistant or stainless steel materials to maximize its lifetime. Standard heavy-duty chains are used with rugged welded attachments. Hardened and split sprockets are standard. It is designed to handle the most extreme conditions.

Minimal Downtime

Replacable Parts

We know that downtime is critical to our customers’ bottom line. That’s why we design and manufacture conveyors using the best processes and materials. As a result, our customers have significantly less downtime. Should you need a replacement part, we have many in stock and have a team on hand who can produce replacement parts quickly.